We appreciate the help you provide by complying with these simple guidelines for fire, electrical and personal safety.
We wish to make this annual event a safe and fun family night and a wonderful start to the Holiday Season. 



  • Parade entries should be paid through Step 2 of the registration process
    • ​$40 standard floats
    • $20 non-profit floats
  • Parade Registration closes Sunday, November 13​​​


  • All parade entries should follow this year’s theme - Old West Holiday
  • No Santa Claus suits or beards allowed (Santa will be the final parade float)
  • Floats must have a minimum of 1000 lights.


  • Maximum height is 12 feet, and the maximum length is 75 feet.

  • Fire extinguisher is required to be on every float.

  • The committee will require inspection of floats prior to the parade. Float inspections will be done in your assigned staging area. All entries must be in place before 3 p.m. or risk elimination

  • Parade participants must have their own liability insurance. You must have proof of liability vehicle insurance for the entry inspectors to see. 

  • Parade numbers used to identify entries must be on both sides of the vehicle and windshield that is towing the float. 

  • The person signing the safety guidelines must be present at the time of float inspection. Rules signed by the person responsible for the entry must be in their possession at the time of inspection. A signed copy will be collected by parade staff at time of inspection.


  • No one may get on or off a float once it has started down the parade route.

  • No dangling of legs over edges of float.

  • Any person participating in the parade should make arrangements to be met and picked-up following the event at The Cheyenne Civic Commons Area located in front of the City Building (2101 O'Neil Ave.)

  • No parade participant will be allowed to have a loaded firearm at any time.

  • No Smoking or Alcoholic Beverages on any parade entry at Any Time before or during the parade. For the safety of themselves and others, those found to be intoxicated will be asked to leave the parade.

  • There must be a responsible adult on floats where there are children. It is the responsibility of parents with children participating in the parade to make necessary arrangements to have children met and picked up at The Cheyenne Civic Commons Area located in front of the City Building (2101 O'Neil Ave.)

  • Throwing of candy or any object from parade entrants will not be allowed. This is for the physical safety of parade viewers and to reduce garbage left in the road after the parade.

  • Handing out candy or objects to the crowd using a sturdy container is permitted for walkers only. Those in vehicles and on horseback should not hand out candy.

  • Do not honk your horn more than once per minute. This is to reduce noise fatigue for fellow parade participants as well as parade viewers. (Car horns are loud, and not a pleasant noise. Christmas music is provided throughout the parade route.)